About Me

I provide high quality translation, revision, interpreting, and voice-over services. I also have extensive experience in project management and CAT tools training. For training services, please visit my Dania Training website here.

Hi! I’m Lone Beheshty

My route to the translation profession

My fascination with foreign languages and cultures started at an early age. At the age of just 10, whilst on holiday in Canada, I was immersed in an English-speaking environment, where I learned a lot of English playing with my local contemporaries. Of course, I didn’t become fluent in just three weeks! However, a good foundation had been laid for a future multilingual and multicultural life, for which I am very grateful.

German and French later followed in school and college as well as German and Spanish at university, but English has remained my favourite foreign language. Eager to travel after college, my first destination was therefore London, followed by Manchester, where I lived until 2017.

In 2017, the fulfilment of a shared dream led my husband and myself to move to Spain, where we are now based in Antas, Almeria.

Educational background

Choosing an education was fairly easy, as I knew it would have to involve foreign languages. Being equally fascinated by computers, I decided to combine these two fields and chose what was a fairly new programme at the time: the BSc degree in Computational Linguistics and Modern Languages (German/Spanish) at UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology), graduating with Honours in July 1992. The 4-year course included a year at the Technical University of Berlin, where I worked as a student assistant on the EU-funded machine translation project EUROTRA.

Dania Translations

After graduating, I decided to set myself up as a professional freelance translator under the Dania Translations trading name. It was an exciting as well as nerve-racking time, but I soon found my feet and knew fairly quickly that I had made the right decision.


In July 2010, after 15 years in the translation profession, I decided it was time to put my experience and knowledge to the test by enrolling for the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) Qualified Membership examination, which I passed in the subject area of Humanities.
Qualified (MITI) membership is an accreditation for translators who have established careers in translation and are recognised for their expertise as highly skilled professionals.

CAT Tools & CAT Tools Training

In order to ensure consistency and accuracy as well as to increase productivity, I use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools when translating. My two preferred tools are memoQ and SDL Trados Studio, which both support a host of commonly used file formats. Their integrated translation memory, terminology management and quality assurance modules, coupled with their many productivity-boosting features, enable me to deliver the highest possible level of quality to my clients.

I got introduced to CAT tools very early on in my career, in fact in their infancy at the end of the last millennium. Back then, I saw their benefits as a godsend, enabling me to work smarter rather than harder, be more productive and produce translations of the highest possible quality, whilst simultaneously juggling the demands of a young family.

Before long, I was offered the opportunity to teach other translators and project managers how to utilise these tools, which opened the door to a sideline profession as a CAT Tools Trainer. I subsequently started to offer training services under the trading name Dania Training. If you are interested in reading more about these services, you can visit my Dania Training website by clicking here.

Project Management

In July 2017, I was given the opportunity to try my hand at another interesting and rewarding profession, project management, and subsequently worked as a Project Manager for COMUNICA Translations S. L. until September 2019.

My work areas included the project management of an enterprise client’s translation requirements into Danish as well as in-house CAT tools training, documentation management, and linguistic consultancy.

I currently work freelance and part-time for COMUNICA as a CAT Tools Specialist as well as a Translator and Reviewer.

North West Translators’ Network – NWTN

In order to keep abreast with continuous professional development (CPD) and to meet up with fellow freelance translators in my area, I joined NWTN, my local network of ITI, back in 1996. Over the years, I have taken part in various courses and industry-related talks, as well as delivered courses on CAT tools myself to my fellow members.


“When the inhabitants of Fanoe gained their independence –
The Fanoe inhabitants’ buy-out from the Danish King in 1741.”

In 2016, I translated the summary of this book from Danish into English:




from my formative years as a translator

Travel diary from a road trip in Iran

In 1992, I translated a travel diary, written during a road trip through Iran in 1974,
from German into Danish and English. 15,000 words.

  • 2001: Translation of an interview with Nobel Prize winner in medicine Niels Kaj Jerne, publiched in Roche Magazine, May 1985. German into Danish. 13,000 words

  • 2000: Translation of “The Western Land Roller Story” by Charles M. Anderson, published in my father’s family history book. English into Danish. 10,000 words

  • 1996: Translation of Grethe Rostbøll’s book “Familien og fremtiden – en bog til forældrene.” (The family and its future – a book for parents). Danish into English